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AOF004 - release cover

Orion, Cari Lekebusch – Absence / Presence EP [DIGITAL]



Advanced Human: Nice collab! Presence for me. 4/5
Slam: very cool 4/5
Samuel L Session: Good drive and vibe. Will use. 4/5
Luigi Madonna: 4/5
Nihad Tule: presence is nice cool stuff! 4/5
Mikael Jonasson: Great sounds!! really into the Absence track!! thanks 5/5
Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki): cool stuff. thanks! 5/5
Andrew Till: Wonderful hypnotic techno from two like minded artists. 5/5
Nima Khak: Yesss! Tasty bits! Thanks! 5/5
Kitkatone: Cool stuff guys! Support! 4/5
Kristian Heikkilä: 100% Techno Full support! Will play very soon. 5/5
Boriqua Tribez: Diggin deep. Sweet! 4/5
Robert Stahl: Presence for me 4/5
Kimono: Absence !!! BIG ONE 5/5
Spiros Kaloumenos: Quality 5/5
Miia Magia: Presence it is! 5/5
Gemma Furbank: 2 great tracks. Full support. 4/5
Mattias Fridell: Thanks for the great music. Much love and support from me. 5/5.
NIQW: Both absolutely gorgeous techno tracks will test on sets thank you! 4/5
Marc Troit: Great tracks here! 5/5
Buru: Presence is perfect tool for our mixes that bassline is hypnotic! 4/5
Janne Tavi: Loving the atmosphere. Presence for me. Looking forward to more. 4/5

Orion, Cari Lekebusch – Absence / Presence EP
A. Absence
B. Presence
September 2017
Absence of Facts / AOF004

Written and produced by Cari Lekebusch, Juska Wendland
Mastered by Phonogenic audio
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
© Absence of Facts 2017