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Handmade Absence of Facts Shirt

We’ve been wondering if there could be a product that presents Absence of Facts label as brilliantly as our music does – something that would be handmade, local and just enough off the mainstream.

Matti, a good friend, radio host and, yes, male seamstress started his own clothing brand PartaMatti and it quickly became clear that we share a lot of same values. As we’ve worked together quite some hours (and years) in the past, it was about time to make good stuff happen again.

And the result is nothing short of brilliant. We designed a shirt which has the aesthetics of Absence of Facts and the quality of Matti’s clothing brand. The shirt is long enough, designed to feel good and to look different enough and the material quality is superb. Handmade, 100% Finnish product. And black. Of course it’s black.


Read more, check the size chart and make the purchase on PartaMatti’s website.

Limited avaibility.